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Tanzania Food and Drink

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The cuisine of Tanzania relies mainly on grains, rice, spices and fruits, with meats like chicken and fish being reserved for special occasions. Dishes vary depending on where one visits. For example, the coast offers a great deal of seafood with many people saying the best seafood is in Zanzibar. Swahili style of food includes the use of spices and coconut milk, as well as rice, fish and prawn curries. Dar es Salaam is a cosmopolitan city and offers a variety of international cuisines. Hotels and lodges tend to serve western and international-styled food.


Popular dishes include:

Ugali: This dish involves white corn, cassava and millet or sorghum flour that is mixed with water and salt and then boiled until it reaches a porridge-like consistency. Ugali is traditionally eaten with hands and is the most common dish in Tanzania.

Pilau: This dish is similar to rice pilaf and is usually eaten as a communal dish. It consists of spiced rice, meat, chicken or fish, vegetables and nuts. Cinnamon is sometimes added making it a sweet dish.

Chapatti: This is a warm flatbread similar to those found in the Middle East. It is made from flour, water, oil, salt and onions and is usually eaten with a stew or with ugali.

Vitumbua: This is a fried sweet bread commonly served by street vendors. People tend to eat it as a snack between meals.

Nayama: This dish consists of minced beef, garlic, coconut lime and tomatoes.

Ndizi Kaanga: This is a popular dessert in Tanzania made from fried bananas or plantains, flavoured with brown sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg and butter. (Bananas and plantains are staples of the Tanzanian diet).

Duckling Dar es Salaam: This is a Tanzanian delicacy, made from duckling cooked with tomatoes, red peppers and onions.



Tea is the most popular drink in Tanzania with the locals prefer chai tea. Coffee is another favourite and is often sold by street vendors. Local beers include Kibo Gold, Serengeti Lager and Tusker, while beige is a beer made from bananas. Along the coast and on the islands, the majority of the population are Muslim and so while alcohol is sold in tourist hotels, it is not available in local restaurants. Fruit juices from pineapple, orange, tamarind and sugar cane also help quench thirsts in Tanzania.

Things to Know:

Tipping is not expected, but it is certainly appreciated when good service is given.

Drinking age:




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