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United Arab Emirates FAQs

  • Dubai Old Town

What language is spoken in the United Arab Emirates? 

The official language of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Arabic.

Is English spoken throughout the United Arab Emirates?

English is spoken throughout the country, especially in major cities such as Dubai, where it is the most common language. Tours and sightseeing excursions are escorted by bilingual tourism experts.

What currency is used in the United Arab Emirates?

The currency used throughout the country is the United Arab Emirates dirham. Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants and retailers. ATMs are very common and dispense cash in local currency. USD and Euro are accepted in many places.  

Do I need a visa and passport to travel to the United Arab Emirates?

A visa is required when travelling from the United States and Canada as a tourist and can be obtained on arrival. The free visa will be valid for a maximum 30-day stay. 

A valid passport is mandatory and must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the UAE.  

When is the best time to travel to the United Arab Emirates?

The best time to visit the United Arab Emirates is between December and March while the weather is still warm but more bearable than the incredibly hot summers. The Emirates can be visited all year round, but you should be aware that between June and September, the country is at its hottest.

Is there transportation within the United Arab Emirates?

As Dubai is the most modern city in the seven Emirates, it also has the most extensive system of public transportation, including metro, monorail, as well as tram lines. A taxi is also a common form of transportation within the United Arab Emirates. Not known for large groups at this point, most small and private holidays are conducted in sedans and minivans.

Are the United Arab Emirates a family-friendly destination?

The UAE is a wonderful location for your next family vacation. Immerse your family in the culture, sandboard in the desert, and enjoy the views from the Burj Khalifa. Now more than ever, the Emirates is a destination for all, with many new and family-centric options for holiday making. 

How welcoming are the United Arab Emirates to LGBTQ travellers?

LGBTQ  relations are illegal in the United Arab Emirates and Sharia Law applies. It is advised to all travelers, regardless of sexual orientation, to practice discretion while visiting the Emirates.

What if any vaccinations are required or suggested for travel to the United Arab Emirates?

There are no compulsory vaccinations required in the United Arab Emirates, however, we recommend you consult with your local travel clinic for the most up-to-date recommendations, particularly in regard to malaria prophylactics. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required if you are coming from or have transited through an airport of a country where yellow fever occurs.


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