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Arctic & Antarctica

  • Walrus on ice flow in Canadian high arctic
  • Polar bear on melting ice flow in arctic sea
  • An Arctic Fox sniffing a snow bank for the scent of prey
  • Antarctic ice caves

Amidst the solitude of Antarctica, adventurous travellers can discover an ethereal landscape that lingers in the memory. Very few have ventured onto this appealingly inaccessible continent but those who have rave about the privilege of gazing upon towering mountains, bulky glaciers and luminous, dreamlike icebergs. Perhaps more than anywhere else, Antarctica reminds those who visit it of the awesome (and savage) power of nature.

Antarctica is welcoming more tourist-orientated cruises and ferries to the region every year, and facilities are continually developing, with more accommodation, culinary and travel options available. There is now ample opportunity to ascend Mount Erebus, the southernmost active volcano on Earth; to fly via helicopter or venture by boat to penguin colonies; and to really make the most of a terrain that teems with wildlife, with a multitude of birds, seals, albatrosses and enormous whales; and so on.

At one time, the Arctic was a place of interest only for explorers and traders but now, it is available for lovers of nature and today’s traveller. Goway’s Arctic encompasses the countries of Greenland and Canada, compatible neighbours offering insight into not only the terrain but the way of life which exists here.

Despite their short seasons for viewing and visiting, these “Last Frontiers” is a must for the curious adventurer.

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