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Arctic Nature and Wildlife

  • Large walrus
  • Polar bear and cub
  • Walrus resting on packed ice
  • Polar bear in the wildness

In Greenland, there is a variety of fascinating species of animals that have all adapted to the arctic climate, both on land and in the water. It is an unforgettable experience to encounter wild animals like seals, walruses, narwhals, polar bears, musk-oxen, wolves, foxes, ermine, lemmings and numerous kinds of birds. In summer, visitors can see Greenland which lives up to its name and offers green scenery and fertile landscapes. The mountains are adorned with flowers, herbs, mosses and heather. Half of Greenland's more than 500 species of flowering plants, horsetails and ferns are found on the old volcanic island. The northeastern part of Greenland is the site of the world’s largest national park. It is an arctic paradise and a wilderness with wildlife that cannot be matched in the inhabited areas of the country. The only people who have regular access to the area are seal hunters and whalers. There are about 225 known species of fish and shellfish in the waters surrounding Greenland. Of the sea mammals the most important are the ringed seal, the bearded seal, the harp seal, the hooded seal, the common seal and the walrus. The Greenland waters are also home to a wide variety of whales. All the whale species of the North Atlantic come to the waters of Greenland at some point or another to breed and eat.

In Canada’s Arctic, herbivores on the tundra include the Arctic hare, lemming, muskox, and caribou. They are preyed on by the Snowy owl, Arctic fox and wolf. The polar bear is also a predator, though it prefers to hunt for marine life from the ice. There are also many birds and marine species endemic to the colder regions. Other land animals include wolverines, ermines, and Arctic ground squirrels. Marine mammals include seals, walrus, baleen whales and also narwhals, killer whales and belugas.

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