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Cambodia FAQs

  • Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia

What language is spoken in Cambodia? 

Khmer is the official language of the country, spoken by nearly 90% of the population.

Is English spoken throughout Cambodia?

Aside from hospitality and tourism employees, few people will speak English.

What currency is used in Cambodia?

The Cambodian riel is the official currency. However, USD is widely accepted and sometimes preferred. ATMs can be found in all major cities.

Do I need a visa to travel to Cambodia?

Yes, a tourist visa is required for Canadian and American passport holders. A pre-arranged e-visa is the best option, but a visa can also be obtained on arrival.

Is Wi-Fi readily available?

Wi-Fi is readily available in major cities, but it may be slow and there may be a fee to use Wi-Fi in public areas.

Can I use my cellphone in Cambodia?

We suggest you check with your cellular provider to know what your options are, as you might be able to get an affordable roaming plan.   

Is it safe to drink tap water?

Water quality varies from region to region in Cambodia and we do not suggest you drink it. It’s best to stick to filtered water, which can be found in hotels and restaurants. 

What are the public bathroom facilities like?

Western-style and Asian-style squat toilets can be found in public bathrooms. It is recommended you bring your own tissues and hand sanitizer as they are not normally provided. Some public facilities may charge a small fee.

When is the best time to travel to Cambodia?

The country is warm all year round, but the cool season from November to February is the peak season and is considered to be the best time to visit due to its mild temperatures. From March to May it is much hotter, but still good to travel. The rainy season is from June to October.

Is Cambodia family-friendly?

Cambodia is a family-friendly destination, although geared towards adventurous families. Head on a cycling tour of the Angkor Archaeological Park, take a boat ride on Tonle Sap Lake, watch the Cambodian Pare Circus, or escape to a beach resort for some water activities. 

How welcoming is Cambodia to LGBTQ travellers and families?

Cambodia is very welcoming of LGBTQ travelers. Homosexuality is legal in Cambodia, although gay marriage is not recognized. However, the country is conservative so public displays of affection are frowned upon regardless of sexual orientation.

What are the main annual festivals or events held?

Cambodia has many national holidays and local events. January 24 is the Angkor Festival, while the Khmer New Year takes place each April. Royal Ploughing Day is in April or May each year. Other festivals include the Meak Bochea (Festival of the Monks), which takes place on February 9, the Water and Moon Festival each October or November, and Buddha’s Birthday, which is celebrated on June 15 on the Buddhist calendar.



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