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Hong Kong Nature and Wildlife

  • Giant panda eating bamboo leaves
  • Beautiful white owl in Hong Kong's Ocean Park
  • A mud-skipper
  • Sunset over Victoria Harbour
  • Little fishing village

Hong Kong, often regarded as one of the greatest cities in the world, is not particularly known for its nature. Despite this perception of a constant bustling city, approximately three-quarters of Hong Kong is countryside. While larger animals are declining in numbers due to increased urbanization, barking deer, macaques, wild boars, civets, leopards and Chinese porcupines can be found. Smaller mammals like squirrels, shrews and bats are common in rural areas. 

Marine fauna is quite diverse and there are rich coral communities. The Pink Dolphin or White Chinese Dolphin is found in the waters around Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Dolphin habitats have diminished due to further reclamation projects as well as boat traffic, however, there are conservation groups working to raise awareness.

Hong Kong is a major stopover point for Asia’s migration route for birds. There are over 490 birds in Hong Kong including year-long residents as well as winter visitors. The wetlands, grasslands, woodlands, seashores and farmlands help to contribute to the diversity of birdlife that Hong Kong offers. Along with birds and mammals are approximately 100 reptile and amphibian species, over 40 of these are snakes. 

Contrary to the city persona, Hong Kong hosts more than 3,100 species of vascular plants, approximately 2,100 of which are native. There are 24 country parks and 17 special areas that cover a total area of 440 square kilometres. A further 67 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) have been listed.



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