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Japan Food and Drink

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The popularity of Japanese cuisine seems to have exploded in recent years with many people worldwide eating dishes like sushi regularly. There is certainly a global appreciation growing every day. Food in Japan can differ greatly depending on the region or island, but there are many traditional dishes that are popular nationwide.


Sukiyaki: this dish is prepared right at the table by cooking thinly sliced beef together with vegetables, tofu and vermicelli.

Tempura: prawns, fish and vegetables are deep-fried in vegetable oil after they have been coated in a mixture of egg, water and wheat flour.

Sushi: raw seafood placed on a bale of vinegared rice. The most common ingredients are tuna, squid and prawns, however, cucumber and pickled radish are also popular variations.

Sashimi: sliced, raw fish eaten with soy sauce.

Yakitori: small pieces of chicken, liver and vegetables skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled over hot coals.



Lager beer is a very popular drink in Japan and is widely available. Favourite Japanese brands are Kirin, Sapporo, Santory and Asahi. Whisky is very popular amongst Japanese men and Japanese whiskies are gaining notoriety with the two biggest brands being Nikka and Suntory. Sake is a rice wine brewed with rice and water and has been an alcoholic drink since ancient times. Finally, tea is culturally important to the Japanese. Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony) is an ancient tradition with roots in Zen Buddhism. It takes years of study to perfect and master the way of the tea.

Many restaurants in Japan specialize in one particular type of food like skewers, tempura, teriyaki, etc. However, some places like Izakaya (Japanese pubs) offer a variety of choices. They also offer tabehodai or nominodal which involve a set price for one to two hours of all you can eat. Family-style restaurants are also available and they are known as Famiresu and they often resemble American-style chain restaurants.


Things to know:

Tipping is not expected but some places will include a 10-15% service charge on bills. 


Drinking age:




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