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Korea Food and Drink

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Unlike other Asian countries that have been influenced by neighbouring nations, Korean food is very distinct. The most important staples are red hot peppers that are used in many casseroles and soybeans which can be cooked with rice, ground into flour or made into tofu.


Popular dishes include:

Kimichi: this is the Korean national dish and is made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. The main ingredient is usually a highly spiced pickle of Chinese cabbage or white radish. It is served with turnips, onions, salt, fish, chestnuts and red peppers.

Bap (rice): steamed rice is a staple of many Korean dishes and there are many different types of rice. There is huinbap which is simply white rice, yapgokbap which is rice with barley, millet and beans, byeolmibap which is rice with vegetables, seafood and meat and bibimbap which is rice mixed with namul and beef.

Guksu (noodles): these noodles are made by kneading wheat flour or buckwheat flour and drawing the dough into long coils.

Mandu and Tteokguk (Dumpling soup and sliced rice cake pasta soup): Dumplings are stuffed with fillings and then are steamed or boiled in soy sauce soup. Tteokguk is a diagonally sliced white rice cake that is simmered in soy sauce soup.

Jeongol (Hot-Pot): meat, seafood, mushrooms and other vegetables are simmered in broth at the table just before serving.



Beer in Korea is different from beer found in Western cultures. It is brewed from rice instead of barley which makes for a lighter and sweeter taste. The three major brands are Cass, Hito and OB. Soju is a clear spirit that was originally made from grain. It has around 22% ABV. Takju is a thick, unrefined liquor made from grains. The best-known kind is makgeolli which is a white, milky rice wine traditionally drunk by farmers.


Things to know:

Tipping is not required or expected. Most major hotels and restaurants add a compulsory 10% service charge to bills.

Drinking age:




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