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Laos Food and Drink

  • Agriculture crops
  • Pakse is the third most populous city in Laos
  • Lao cuisine


The cuisine of Laos is closely affiliated with Thailand. Also, due to a period of French colonialism, there is a strong French influence felt. Gourmet French restaurants are quite popular and other international foods are available in cities. Food in Laos is traditionally hot and spicy and is usually cooked with local and therefore fresh ingredients like herbs and vegetables. As it is a landlocked nation, seafood is not very common. The majority of meals in Laos are paired with sticky rice (khao niaw) which is rolled into a small ball, served in a bamboo bowl and eaten with hands.

The national dish of Laos is Lap and is cooked using minced meat, fish, poultry or duck. The meat is then mixed with lime juice, salt, fish sauce, chili, onion, mint and grilled rice powder. The meat in this dish can be served cooked, half-cooked or raw.

Tum mak hung is another popular dish and consists of a spicy salad made from sliced green papaya that has been mixed with salt, sugar, chili, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce and ground peanut. Grilled chicken can be added and it is of course served with sticky rice.

The French influence can be felt in commonly served baguettes that are filled with pâte. These baguettes are known locally as khao jil pat-te.

Khai phaan is Mekong River weed that is often served in Luang Prabang. Khai phaan is usually served as an accompaniment or as a side dish.



When drinking in Laos it is very advisable to stick to bottled water as this is safer. While international beers are available, the cheapest and most popular beer is local and is called Beer Lao. Lao-Lao is a cheap, but very strong white rice liquor. If Lao-Lao is too strong, Laos is a great place for French wine which is very reasonably priced and available throughout the country.



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