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Mongolia is located in the landlocked plateau of Central Asia between China and Russian Siberia. It covers an area of 1,564,115 sq km and the population is roughly 3,000,000.

Mongolia is quite mountainous with three major ranges: the Altai Mountains, the Khangai Mountains and the Khentti Mountains. The Altai is located in the west and is the highest of the three with much of the area reaching elevations above 2,000m. The highest point is Hüiten Peak at 4,374m (14,550 ft). The Khangai Mountains occupy much of central and north-central Mongolia. They are older than the other regions and are therefore lower as they have eroded. The Khentii Mountains are located to the northeast of Ulaanbaatar near the Russian border.

There are hundreds of lakes in Mongolia with Uvs Lake (covering an area of 3,350 sq km) being the largest. The landscape includes one of the largest freshwater lakes in all of Asia - Lake Khuvsgul. The three largest rivers in Mongolia are the Orkhon River which runs for 1,124 km (689 mi), the Kherlen River which runs for 1,090 km (667 mi), and the Selenge River which runs for 539 km (334 mi). Mongolia is also characterized by steppes - large areas of flat, un-forested grasslands, which has resulted in the Mongolian Steppe being one of the last large and unchanged ecosystems left in the world.

Despite housing hundreds of lakes, Mongolia is also home to the Gobi Desert which makes up for 30% of the entire area of the country. The Gobi Desert covers parts of northwestern China and southern Mongolia. It measures over 1,610 km (600 mi) from southwest to northeast and around 800 km (500 mi) from north to south. It is the largest desert in Asia and is the fifth largest desert in the world.



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