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Taiwan Nature and Wildlife

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Taiwan is home to around seventy mammal species including wild boars, leopard cats, various squirrels, black bears, mice, bats and weasels among others. However, apart from monkeys and squirrels, the chances of seeing larger mammals in the wild are quite low. Insects, lizards and frogs are much more common as there are ninety known reptile species, over thirty amphibian species and approximately 18,000 identified insect species (400 of which are butterflies). Taiwan offers rich marine biodiversity that includes bottle-nosed, spinner, Risso and pan-tropical spotted dolphins. Over 2,700 saltwater and freshwater fish call the waters of Taiwan home.

Taiwan is a popular spot for various bird species. Of the 500 species found throughout the country, only approximately 215 live there the whole year. Due to the mudflats and mangroves along the coasts, many migratory birds from around the globe visit Taiwan annually. These migratory birds find temporary refuge here before continuing on their journeys.

With over 43% of the country’s area being covered by forests, the government of Taiwan has worked hard to ensure the conservation and preservation of the natural flora and fauna found in the country. Since 1994, new legislation has been pushed through, penalties have become more strict and the government has heavily cracked down on illegal wildlife trade.

There are eight national parks located across the country that makeup approximately 19.5% of the total land area. These parks play an important part in the great strides the Taiwanese government has made in conservation since 1994. Each park reflects the truly diverse landscape that Taiwan offers. For example, Kenting National Park, the oldest park, feels truly Southeast Asian as it is the only tropical area in all of Taiwan. Yushan National Park covers a total of 105,490 hectares and is part of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range. The park contains over thirty peaks including the highest peak in Taiwan - Yushan which is also the highest peak in Northeast Asia. Located in eastern Taiwan, Taroko National Park is home to a marble gorge that was cut by the Li-Wu River and is considered one of the most incredible landscapes in the world. These parks only provide a mere glimpse into the incredible nature and wildlife that is on offer throughout Taiwan.

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