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Cook Islands Food & Drinks

  • Barbecued fish
  • Breadfruit
  • A farmers market on the island
  • Tropical food of grilled fish fruits and vegetables
  • Tropical fruit


There is a wide range of international restaurants located around the islands featuring Continental, Indian, Chinese, Italian and Polynesian cuisine. In the capital Rarotonga, there are twelve licensed bars and restaurants that usually offer live entertainment in the evenings.

Traditional dishes from the Cook Islands rely heavily on local produce as well as fresh seafood (most restaurants even have a daily arrangement with fishing boats that supply the freshest fish available).

Popular traditional dishes include:

Rori: This sea cucumber can be eaten either raw or cooked and is usually served with butter, garlic and spice.

Ika: This dish is made up of raw fish that has been marinated in lemon juice (or a mix of vinegar, oil and salt) and is served with onion and coconut cream.

Rukau: Coconut cream, salt and onions are mixed together with mashed taro leaves.

Umukai: This is a traditional feast held on special occasions. Umukai literally means “food from the oven” and as such, the meal is cooked in an oven that has been dug out of the earth called an umu. The oven is filled with firewood and basalt rocks and a grill made of banana wood is placed over the hot stones. Meat, ika and vegetables are then wrapped in banana leaves and placed in a sack and put in the oven. The oven is covered and is left to cook for around three hours. This method of cooking is very elaborate and time-consuming, but well worth the wait.



Coconut water is a popular drink in the islands because they are grown all year round. Tropical fruit juices and cocktails are also well-liked and readily available.

Bush Beer: This beer is brewed from oranges, bananas, pawpaws or hop. When missionaries arrived on the islands, they tried to prevent drinking kava and enforced prohibition. This only encouraged Cook Islanders to go further into the bush and brew their own beer - however, today the practice is only available on the island of Atui.

Cooks Lager Brewery: Located in Rarotonga, this brewery produces three different types of beer - Cooks Premium Lager, Cooks Original Blonde and Cooks Cheeky Darkie.

Matutu Brewing Company: Also located in Rarotonga, this brewery produces two different types of beer - Mai which is a lager, and Kiva which is a pale ale.


Things to know:

Tradition in the Cook Islands states that when a gift is given, something is required in return, as a result of this, tipping is not required.

Drinking age:




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