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Fiji FAQs

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What language is spoken in Fiji?

The official languages of Fiji are Fijian, Fiji Hindi, and English.

What currency is used in Fiji?

The currency used throughout the country is the Fijian dollar. Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted in major hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. ATMs are common in Fijian cities.

Do I need a visa to travel to Fiji?

A visa is not required when travelling from Canada or the United States as a tourist for up to 90 days. Travelers do fill out a Tourist Arrival Form on the plane prior to arrival with information for Immigration and Customs.  

When is the best time to travel to Fiji? 

The best time to travel to Fiji is mid-June thru mid-October while it is drier, humidity and temperatures are more moderate. 

Is there transportation within Fiji?

Yes. There are transfer companies that offer a seat in coach or private vehicle transfers. There are several options for boat transfers to the offshore islands in addition to charter flights via helicopter, fixed wing or seaplanes. Buses and taxis are also an option but are used less often by tourists. Fiji Airways' domestic partner, Fiji Link, has scheduled flights to many of the major islands.

Is Fiji a family-friendly destination? 

Fijians are considered some of the friendliest people on earth and family is very important in their culture. Many resorts offer “Kids Programs” that are designed for specific age groups (parents are welcome to take part in activities) and for younger children and infants MeiMei (nannies) are available for hire. Fiji is one of the best places on earth for a family holiday.  

How welcoming is Fiji to LGBTQ travellers and families?

Fiji is a welcoming and inclusive country, LGBTQ travelers are welcome at all resorts, many resorts in Fiji are considered “Couples Only” so be sure to find a family-friendly resort for your family.

Is Tipping customary in Fiji?

Tipping is not customary in Fiji and would be at your discretion, most resorts and hotels have a staff fund that you could donate to, it is shared by all staff. 

Are there “All Inclusive” properties?

Yes, there are a few properties that are “All Inclusive”, usually in the luxury category and most have a caveat that some activities and premium beverages have a surcharge. Some of the remote islands are “Meal Inclusive” and beverages are a charge item, others offer “Meal Plans” (full and half board, beverages not included) which are a great option to consider.

Are activities generally expensive?  

This will depend on the property and the activity. Most of the island resorts, smaller resorts and resort/hotel complexes include complimentary use of non-motorized water sports equipment and will have a list of scheduled daily activities that are free - the rule of thumb is that if it requires a motor there could be a fee. There are many day tours/cruises available and these will incur a fee but with the favourable exchange rate, it still seems like a bargain.

Can you get married in Fiji?

Yes, and weddings performed in Fiji are recognized worldwide. Hotels and resorts usually have several ceremony options to choose from, a simple wedding or renewal of vows, sunset beach weddings and chapel weddings.  

Not getting married but ready for the next step? Many of the island resorts can arrange a private beach picnic with a champagne and lobster picnic - the perfect way to get engaged.

What are some important items to pack for Fiji

If you take any medications remember to pack an extra amount in case you decide to extend your stay. A good book can be handy for a laid-back afternoon (some resorts have shared libraries, take one/leave one. It’s the tropics so be sure to pack sunglasses, bug repellent and sunscreen (30 SPF or higher and make sure it is “Reef Friendly”). A rash guard is helpful to protect from the sun when snorkeling or participating in other water sports. Bring water/reef shoes to protect your feet from the coral and rockfish and sturdy shoes if you plan on taking some hikes.   

What are the main annual events held in Fiji?

Hindu Holi - Hindus throughout Fiji often squirt each other with colored water during Hindu Holi, their Festival of Colors. February or March.

Bula Festival, Nadi. The town goes all out in July for its annual big bash, with parades, music, and cultural demonstrations. Mid-July.

Hindu Fire Walking - Some Hindus engage in fire walking during soul-cleansing rituals, but unlike Fijian fire walkers, they do not perform for tourists at hotels. July or August.

Hibiscus Festival- Suva. The capital city's Hibiscus Festival is as close to a national festival as Fiji has. A carnival atmosphere prevails as thousands gather in Albert Park. Mid-August.

Sugar Festival Lautoka.- Viti Levu's "Sugar City" gets into the act with its annual Sugar Festival. September.

Fiji Regatta Week,- Mamanuca Islands. Cruising yachts from around the region gather at Musket Cove Island Resort in the Mamanucas for races, bikini contests, and the consumption of many thousands of Fiji Bitters. Some yachts then race to Port Vila in Vanuatu. Mid-November

South Pacific World Music Festival.- Regional artists converge on Savusavu for 3 days of music making. Early November.

Diwali Festival-  Although it's the Hindu festival of lights, every Fiji resident seems to put candles in their yards and set off fireworks during this holiday.  September.

Will I need a power adapter?

The current is the same as it is in Australia and New Zealand - 240v - so for travelers from North America the answer is yes.

Is there WiFi and will my cell phone work?

WiFi is widely available and free at some resorts or in public areas of some resorts. High-speed WiFi is a fee item at some properties. You can rent a portable WiFi hot spot from Digicel Fiji or Vodafone Fiji, both have airport offices. Yes, your cell phone will work in Fiji, check with your provider to be sure you are set to make and receive calls while traveling internationally.

Say it in Fijian

Hello - Bula

Good Morning - Yadra Vinaka

Thank you - Vinaka

Please - Kerekere

Yes - Io

No - Sega

No worries -  Sega na Lega

Good Buy - Moce

See you later - Soto Tale 


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