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Fiji Food & Drinks

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There are many types of restaurants found throughout Fiji offering cuisine from all over the world including French, Italian, American and Chinese. Much of Fiji’s population is of Indian descent and this influence is reflected in the cuisine found on the islands. There are also many traditional dishes to sample while visiting this island nation.

A traditional Fijian breakfast consists of fresh tropical fruits such as star-fruits, guava, passion fruit, papaya, bananas and mangos all grown locally.

Fijians are known for their huge feasts known as makes where they cook food in a large dugout oven called a lovo. Lovo ingredients may include fish, lobster, shrimp, freshwater mussels, pig and chicken as well as taro root, taro leaves and seaweed. All the ingredients are steamed together in sweet coconut milk (lolo). The result is eaten with fingers.

Other specialties are Palusami - a combination of meat and fish that is baked in banana leaves accompanied by onions, taro leaves and coconut milk. Coconut chutney - grated coconut and ginger mixed with green chiles, lemon juice, cilantro leaves and salt. And finally, kokoda - fresh fish marinated in lime juice coupled with mixed vegetables and coconut milk.



Beer is enjoyed by many Fijians with the most popular brand being Fiji Bitter, known locally as “Stubbie” referring to the distinctive short-necked bottle it comes in. A lighter version, Fiji Gold is also well-liked. Wine, although not produced in Fiji is readily available in both Australia and New Zealand. The country also makes their own award-winning rum known as Bounty, a product of the sugar cane fields, this rum comes in both dark and white varieties.

The most traditional drink in Fiji is Yaqona, known domestically as “grog”. Usually served in a coconut shell, grog is made from the root of pepper plants and as such, has a peppery, earthy taste. It can be mildly intoxicating and is known for the numbing sensation it produces on the tongue and lips. Consumption of grog rivals that of beer and is very popular throughout Fiji.


Things to know:

Tipping is optional and is not customary or required. 


Drinking age:




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