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Samoa Food & Drinks

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Restaurants and resorts in Samoa offer food from many different cultures including German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. However, food is very important to Samoans as it offers an opportunity for the family to get together and enjoy what nature provided for them. Therefore visitors to the islands should take every opportunity to take part and enjoy traditional Samoan cuisine.

Seafood is a staple of the Samoan diet with crayfish, snapper, masimasi, octopus and tuna caught each morning and served for dinner at night. Samoan food is not known for being heavily spiced, instead, it is characterized by its use of coconut cream and milk.

Palusami is one such dish that uses coconut cream. It consists of young taro leaves that have been baked in coconut cream and filled with onions and either meat or seafood. The whole dish, including the leaves, is consumed.

Oka is another popular dish amongst Samoans. It is made up of raw fish that has been left to marinate in a mixture of lemon juice, coconut cream, salt and onions.

Supasui is the Samoan version of chop suey. Chunks of beef are marinated in soy sauce as well as ginger, garlic and onions. The beef is then simmered with vermicelli and water and even more soy sauce.

Feasts are common amongst Samoans and when cooking for a large group, they tend to use the traditional umu - an earth oven of hot stones. Fish is wrapped in banana leaves and coconut cream. Pork and chickens are cooked whole with taro and green bananas. Octopus is also added, and it too is covered in coconut cream. Banana leaves then cover the whole meal to seal it in and the cooking time is around two hours. Hotels and resorts often host Fiafia nights and so no matter where visitors stay, they should have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional buffet and entertainment.



Kava is a popular drink in Samoa. Made from the root of a pepper plant that has been ground up and mixed with water, Kava has sedative properties. Niu is another common drink found throughout Samoa. It consists of the milk of young coconuts that have not yet ripened. It is not known for being particularly sweet, instead, it has a reputation of being the most refreshing drink found in the humid climate of Samoa. Samoa has its own beer called Vailima Beer which is relatively inexpensive and readily available. It too has a reputation and is considered by many to be one of the best beers in the Pacific region.



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