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Hawaii - Weather

  • Hawaiian beach
  • Sunset over Honolulu

Weather in the Hawaiian Islands is very consistent resulting in minor temperature changes throughout the year.  There are two seasons: summer (kau) from May to October and winter (ho’oilo) from November to April.  Average summer temperatures are around 29˚C (85˚F) while average winter temperatures tend to be around 25˚C (78˚F) with nighttime temperatures dropping around 10˚ in either season.

Hawaii’s wettest months are usually between November and March, however most of the rain tends to fall in the mountains and valleys on the north eastern side of the islands.  Also, rain is very localised so it does not interrupt vacation plans often. 

Average water temperatures in Hawaii reach approximately 26˚C (80˚F) in the summer and 23˚C (74˚F) in the winter.  During the winter months, Pacific Ocean storms create the legendary waves that Hawaii is famous for.  However, like the rain, waves are also localised and so if they are too big at one beach, visitors can usually find calmer waves not too far away.


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