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Argentina: Best Time to Visit

Because Argentina is a large country and covers a wide area especially north to south, it depends on where you want to travel. Overall, as a rough guide, September to November and April to mid-June are the ideal months as this is spring time and fall respectively wherever you go.

If visiting Buenos Aires, December and January are generally hot and humid. In the winter months of July and August, it can be rainy and cold. In the north of Argentina, you should avoid the lowland parts of the region in the summer as, at this time of year, temperatures can be scorching and roads flooded by heavy storms. The Iguazu Falls area is generally very tropical with the warm and humid weather making it a great place to visit year-round. As you travel further west towards Salta, the landscapes become more arid. If considering time in The Andes Mountains, December to February is the best period. However, for skiing, June, July and August are the best times but not for sightseeing. Mendoza has a Mediterranean climate, perfect for travel all-year-round. If you are a wine lover, February and March are when the grapes are harvested. December to March is the best time to travel to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in the south. The days are longer at this time of year to enjoy the glaciers and the floating icebergs. The winter months, July and August, can be extremely cold and it is recommended not travelling at this time. The more moderate months of September, April and May bring a variety of weather conditions but are unpredictable.

Average Temperatures.







Buenos Aires 29 C/84 F 22 C/72 F 16 C/61 F 17 C/63 F 22 C/72 F
Mendoza 33 C/91 F 23 C/73 F 15 C/59 F 18 C/64 F 27 C/81 F
Iguazu Falls 31 C/88 F 29 C/84 F 23 C/73 F 26 C/79 F 30 C/86 F
Bariloche (Andes) 23 C/73 F 14 C/51 F 7 C/45 F 8 C/46 F 14 C/57 F
Ushuaia 15 C/59 F 10 C/50 F 3 C/37 F 5 C/41 F 9 C/48 F

NOTE – All quoted temperatures are daytime average highs unless otherwise stated and can vary.

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