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Falklands War of 1982

  • Relics from the Falklands war
  • A helicopter wreck from the War of 1982
  • old, rusty tank remained from Falkland war
  • Danger - Land Mine sign in the Falkland Islands

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    • Argentina, even today, lays claim to "las Malvinas"
    • 1982 President Galtieri, the head of Argentina's ruling militaty junta, authorized an invasion of the Malvinas to draw attention away from human rights and economic issues at home
    • April 2, Argentina forces landed in the Falklands capturing the islands 2 days later
    • After diplomatic effors failed, UK's Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, ordered a naval task force to retake the Islands


  • As Port Stanley's airstrip was too short for modern fighters the Argentine Air Force was forced to fly from the mainland, a big disadvantage during the conflict
  • On May 1st the Argentinean light cruiser General Belgrano was sunk by a British submarine killing 323. The attack led to the Argentinean fleet remaining in port for the rest of the war
  • An SAS raid on Pebble Island preceeded the landing of 4000 British Forces at San Carlos Water. Ships supporting the landing were sunk by Argentine aircraft
  • On May 27, 1982 a battle at Darwin and Goose Green led to an Argentine defeat, as did another battle on Mt. Kent a couple days later
  • In early June, 5000 British troops arrived. While landing at Bluff Cove and Fitzroy, their transports were attacked and 56 died
  • On the night of June 11, British troops launched simultaneous attacks on the high ground surrounding Stanley. Wireless Ridge and Mount Tumbledown were the last natural lines of defense to fall
  • Encircled on land and blockaded at sea, the Argentinean commander General Mario Menendez surrendered his 9,800 men on June 14
  • During the war, Britain suffered 258 killed and 777 wounded. In addition, 2 destroyers, 2 frigates and 2 auxiliary vessels were sunk. For Argentina, the Falklands War cost 649 killed, 1,068 wounded and 11,313 captured. In addition the Argentine Navy lost a submarine, a light cruiser and 75 fixed-wing aircraft
  • Four days after the Fall of Stanley, Argentina's President Galtieri was removed from office spelling the end of the ruling military junta and paving the way for the restoration of democracy
  • For Britain, the victory provided a boost to National Confidence, reaffirming their international position and assuring a victory for the Thatcher government in the 1983 election
  • Despite the defeat, Argentina still claims the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, as "las Malvinas"



Falkland Islands Travel Information

At Goway we believe that a well-informed traveller is a safer traveller. With this in mind, we have compiled an easy to navigate travel information section dedicated to the Falkland Islands.

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