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Panama Food and Drink

  • Prawns - Shrimp at the main fish market
  • Cashew Apple
  • Three meat-filled Panama style empanadas
  • Barracuda for Lunch
  • Mandarin oranges


The cuisine of Panama is very much reflective of the many cultures that live in the country.  Influences from Spanish, American, Afro-Caribbean and indigenous cooking is felt in many dishes. Traditional staples of Panama cuisine include meat, coconut, rice and beans. A wealth of tropical fruit is available in the country and often accompanies meals. The name Panama translates to “abundance of fish”, and with two coastlines, one on the Caribbean Sea and one on the Pacific Ocean, fresh lobster, calamari, crab, octopus and fish are commonplace.


Popular dishes include:

Sancocho: This dish is a popular stew in Panama that contains chicken and vegetables. It is often served with white rice on the side which can be eaten on its own or with the stew.

Carimanola: This dish contains a fried yucca roll that is stuffed with meat and boiled eggs.

Ceviche: Popular on the coasts, ceviche is chopped raw fish, shrimp or conch that is mixed with onions, tomatoes and cilantro. The dish is marinated in lime juice and is often served with tortilla chips.

Empanadas: These pastries, made from corn or flour, are filled with meat, potatoes and cheese.

Arroz con guandu: This dish consists of rice cooked with beans and spices that are flavoured with coconut milk.

Corvina: A seafood dish, Corvina is local sea bass that is fried or baked and served whole with lemon or lime.



Beer is very cheap in Panama and beers in Panama include Panama Cerveza, Atlas and Soberana which are lighter brews while Balboa beer is a darker, stout-like brand. Panama is also known for its high-quality coffee and Café Durán is a well-known brew. With such a variety of tropical fruits available in the country, fresh fruit juices, known locally as Chichas, are very refreshing. Pipa, juice taken straight from a coconut, is sold by many roadside stalls around Panama. Chicheme is also found at roadside stalls and is a corn-based beverage that is mixed with water and flavoured with sugar and cinnamon. 

Things to know:

Tipping 10% is standard in restaurants in Panama.

Drinking age:




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