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Denmark is a natural home for various flora and fauna. Mammals include several deer species including roe, red and fallow, foxes, hares, squirrels and more. There is also abundant bird life with more than 300 species recorded in the country. In order to protect such wildlife, there are three national parks found within Denmark. What is interesting about these parks is that they are open all day, every day and are free to access.

Located in the Thisted Municipality, Thy National Park was established in 2007. The landscape of this national park is varied with dunes, heath, forests and grasslands. Lakes dot the landscape and the park even covers a small part of the Limfjord. The northern part of the park is dedicated to Hanstholm Vildtreservat, a game preserve initiated in 1930. This game reserve hosts many species of birds, as does the rest of the park.  

Established in August 2009, Mols Bjerge National Park is located in Syddjurs Municipality in Central Jutland. The park is named after the hills of Mols Bjerge that reach heights of 137 m (449 ft). A haven for bird watchers, this protected part of Denmark provides habitats for species from sea birds to birds of prey. Other fauna found in the part includes foxes, hares and deer and threatened ecosystems like beach meadows, coastal heath and salt marshes.  

Wadden Sea National Park was established in January 2008 and is the largest of Denmark’s national parks. The park encompasses the Danish waters around the German Bight of the North Sea, while Germany and the Netherlands also have similar parks. In Germany and Denmark, the Wadden Sea is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. This part of Denmark is known for its diverse wildlife that includes more than 500 species of plants and animals including unique sea life and birds.  



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