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Estonia Food & Drink

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In Estonia, eating habits have been traditionally tied to the seasons which means eating fresh foods during the summer months and then preserving foods during the winter. The cuisine of Estonia has been greatly influenced by Scandinavian, German and Russian traditions and meals are usually centred around meat and potatoes or fish in the coastal and lake areas. 


Popular dishes include:

Silgusoust: This dish consists of Baltic sprats (fish) that are cooked and served with bacon and cream.

Verivorst: A traditional Christmastime meal, Verivorst is blood and barley sausage served with lingonberry jam but can also be eaten with butter or sour cream. 

Mulgikapsad: A one-dish meal, Mulgikapsad is a popular stew throughout Estonia and combines pork with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. 

Marineeritud angerjas: A favourite in Estonia, Marineeritud angerjas is a marinated eel that is served cold.

Sült: This dish consists of pork that has been boiled in jelly. Traditionally, it is made in large quantities and the jelly is then preserved.

Hakkliha Kotlet: Made from ground veal, beef and pork, this dish is combined with eggs and spices that are then made into pastries, covered in bread crumbs and fried. Hakkliha Kotlet is often accompanied by braised red cabbage.



Locally brewed beers are often the drink of choice in Estonia to have with meals. The largest brewery in Estonia is Saku and Saku Originaal is the brewery’s flagship product. Vana Tallinn is a traditional Estonia alcoholic drink that is a dark brown liqueur with a mild rum taste. Fruit wines are found in Estonia and are usually flavoured with apples and different berries. In terms of non-alcoholic beverages, Kali is the most popular. Nicknamed the “Estonian Coca-Cola”, Kali is a sweet, unfermented beer, essentially root beer. 


Things to know: 

In larger towns, a surcharge or tip may already be included in the bill. If this it not the case, a tip of 10% for good service is standard.


Drinking age: 



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