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Slovakia Food & Drink

  • Beet soup with pork belly
  • Traditional Slovak cabbage soup
  • Cabbage rolls
  • Braided cheese
  • Halusky with cheese and bacon


The cuisine of Slovakia tends to be quite hearty in nature with a focus on milk products and meats. Cabbage is also a staple, as are onions and garlic. Neighbouring countries including Hungary and Austria have influenced many dishes. Traditionally lunch is the largest meal of the day in Slovakia with locals choosing to enjoy a lighter meal for dinner.


Popular dishes include:

Dumplings: Home-cooked dumplings filled with sheep cheese and bacon are considered by many to be Slovakia’s national dish.

Zemiakovć placky: This dish consists of potato pancakes that have been fried with garlic and flour.

Goulash soup: This soup is a mixture of beef, paprika, marjoram and potatoes.

Mutton with sauerkraut: The mutton in this dish is flavoured with prunes, mushrooms and apples.

Kapustnica: This soup is a combination of sour cabbage and smoked pork sausage.

Sulance: These are potato dough turnovers that are filled with plum jam.



In Slovakia, there are six wine regions with long histories. It is said that the Little Carpathians region in the west produces the best wines in the country. Beer is a popular drink with favourite brands including Zlaty Bazant, Corgon, Saris, Smadny Mnich and Topvar. When it comes to soft drinks, Vinea is made from grape juice while Kofola is a traditional Slovak cola.


Things to know:

When tipping, 10% is appreciated.


Drinking age:




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