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Sweden is the 5th largest country in area in Europe yet its terrain can be broken down into two regions. The south is agricultural and the north is heavily forested, the latter making up 65% of the country. It is bordered by Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark by a bridge tunnel. Sweden also has a long extensive coastline. 13% of the country is within the Arctic Circle. 

It is ruled by a constitutional monarchy with similar powers to those of the Queen of England. The population is around 9 million people. One common knick name for Sweden is “Land of Lakes and Castles”.

Geographically Sweden can be broken down into 3 distinct regions. Northern Sweden includes the Arctic Circle area also known as Swedish Lapland with its natural beauty and the perfect place to view both the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Northern Lights in the winter. Other pastimes here are hiking, dog sledding and snowmobiling. A special feature is the 25-year-old Ice Hotel situated at Jukkasjarvi 200 kilometres/120 miles north of the Arctic Circle and ironically rebuilt every year.

Central Sweden includes some interesting and attractive cities including the capital, Stockholm which is spread over 14 individual islands. The major attraction is the quaint Old Town (Gamla Stan) dating back to the 13th Century with its cobblestone streets and as the location of the Royal Palace. Stockholm boasts the only city in Sweden with a subway system with 100 stations. Other cities of interest are medieval Uppsala, a prosperous university city and Sigtuna, also medieval in character and the oldest town in the country with its narrow streets and wooden houses. 

Southern Sweden is home to two major cities, Gothenburg and Malmo. The former is known for its annual cultural festival and the latter for its proximity and accessibility to Denmark or precisely, Copenhagen

Sweden is also known for its world of cinema producing such notables as Ingmar Bergman, Ingrid Bergman, Max von Sidow and Greta Garbo.  

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