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Sonesta Moon Goddess: 7 Nights from Luxor

8 Days
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US$ 1,344

This round-trip Nile cruise from Luxor takes in Upper Egypt’s greatest treasures. Stroll through the world’s greatest open air ‘museum,’ and see architectural marvels, old and new.

This 8-day Nile cruise immerses you in the splendours of ancient Egypt, and offers a taste of everyday life along the Nile.

Often referred to as the world’s greatest open air ‘museum,’ Luxor is your starting point. Explore the Luxor and Karnak Temples, wandering amid soaring pylons and imposing statues that transport you into Egypt’s past. The next morning, set sail to Edfu. You’ll have some time at leisure to just enjoy the trip, before welcome events give you a chance to meet the crew and your fellow passengers.

Your next stop is Kom Ombo, home to the twin temple of Sobek, the crocodile god, and Haeroris, Horus the Elder. This is one of Egypt’s most visually striking temples, and a highlight of your journey to Aswan. Egypt’s sunny southern city often reminds travellers what continent they’re on, as the distinct Nubian culture of the region takes over, with noticeable changes in the architecture, cuisine, and language. You’ll sail in a felucca around Kitchener’s Island, see the unfinished obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, the Fatimid Cemetery, and the Nubian Museum. In the evening, enjoy a Nubian Folklore show.

The following day, take in a modern marvel of Egyptian engineering when you visit the Aswan High Dam, which holds back Lake Nasser. Then take a motorboat ride out to the temple of Philae, dedicated to Isis. Stop in at the Edfu temple on your way back to Luxor, a well preserved Ptolemaic temple dedicated to Horus. Finally, spend a full day exploring the West Bank, which includes such Egyptian icons as the Necropolis of Thebes, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, and the temple of Hatshepsut.

Disembark in Luxor for your onward journey.


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8 Days
Prices From:
US$ 1,344

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Day 1

Embark Luxor

Today you will board your Nile Cruise Ship, your floating hotel for the next 8 days. After lunch, you will visit the Luxor and Karnak Temples, a holy city of pylons, hypostyle halls, colossal statues and obelisks built over many centuries, dedicated to the God Amon-Ra, his consort Mut, and their son Khonsu. Overnight in Luxor.

Luxor is a city that has often been called the "world's greatest open air museum". With the number and preservation of monuments in the area, it is unparalleled to anywhere in the world. Luxor is actually composed of three different areas: the city of Luxor - located on the east side of the Nile, the town of Karnak- located just north of Luxor, and Thebes - which is on the west side of the Nile across from Luxor.

Meal Plan Lunch and Dinner
Duration7 Nights

Sonesta Moon Goddess

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    Sonesta Moon Goddess

    The luxurious Moon Goddess competes with the Oberoi Philae as one of the very best boats cruising the Nile. The boat is modern in style and the public areas are adorned with elegant marble and gilt. Each cabin is large and very comfortable, boasting a ...

    The luxurious Moon Goddess competes with the Oberoi Philae as one of the very best boats cruising the Nile. The boat is modern in style and the public areas are adorned with elegant marble and gilt.

    Each cabin is large and very comfortable, boasting a private balcony, large bathroom and all the facilities you would expect to find in an international 5 star hotel. The spacious sun deck is the ideal place to relax and watch the sun set with a cold drink after a long day's sightseeing.


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Day 2

Sail to Edfu

After Breakfast, you will have a free morning. Afterwards, sail to Edfu. Enjoy lunch on board and the Captain's Welcome Cocktail and dinner following.

The Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt is home to many pharaonic tombs of the New Kingdom, including those of King Tutankhamen and Ramses the Great. Each king's formal name and title is inscribed in his tomb, which is also adorned with his images and statues. Most of the tombs were cut into limestone following a similar pattern: three corridors, an antechamber, and a sunken sarcophagus chamber.

The small town of Edfu is situated on the west bank of the Nile, 56 km south of Esna and 105 km north of Aswan. Today, it is an important center for sugar production and pottery-making. The site of Edfu was known as Wetjetser-hor (classical name-Apollinopolos Magna), the place where the god Horus was worshipped and where the battle between Horus and his traditional enemy, Seth, in the ancient mythology, took place.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 3

Sail Edfu to Kom Ombo and Aswan

Today you visit Kom Ombo and visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobek and Haeroris. Then, Sail to Aswan and end the night with a Galabeya Party aboard your floating hotel.

Kom Ombo is located on a bend in the river Nile about 50 km north of Aswan. Located on the east bank, it is home to an unusual double temple built during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. The temple is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Haroeris (Horus the Elder). Despite being badly damaged, the temple is a beautiful sight as one approaches from either direction on the river, particularly as sunset nears and the colours change. Overnight in Aswan.

Aswan, Egypt's sunniest southern city and ancient frontier town located about 81 miles south of Luxor, has a distinctively African atmosphere. Its ancient Egyptian name was Syene. Small enough to walk around and graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile, the pace of life is slow and relaxing. Days can be spent strolling up and down the broad Corniche, watching the sailboats etch the sky with their tall masts, or sitting in floating restaurants listening to Nubian music and eating freshly caught fish.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 4

Sail to Nile

Spend the morning on board. After Lunch, sail on the Nile by felucca around Kitchener's Island. By evening, enjoy a Nubian Folkloric Show. Overnight is at Aswan.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 5

Sail to Kom Ombo and Edfu

This morning, visit the High Dam, the Granite Quarries and Temple of Philae, then sail to Kombo Ombo. Take lunch on board by 12:30PM. By afternoon, you will sail to Edfu and have afternoon tea at around 5:30PM. Dinner on board at around 8:00 PM. Enjoy a Disco night afterwards. Overnight is at Edfu.

Just north of the border between Egypt and Sudan lays the Aswan High Dam, a huge rock filled dam which captures the world's longest river, the Nile, in the world's largest artificial reservoir, Lake Nasser. The dam, known as "Sadd El-Aali" in Arabic, was completed in 1970 after 10 years of work.

A short trip on a motorboat to temple of Philae will bring you to a magnificent vista of the island, before landing at what would have been the ancient quay on the south side. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis and has many legends connected to it. The most well-known legend tells the story of how Isis found the heart of Osiris here after his murder by his brother Seth.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 6

Sail to Luxor

After breakfast, you will see the Edfu Temple. Sail to Luxor afterwards and enjoy lunch on board and Afternoon Tea following. After Dinner at around 8:00PM, have a blast with a Disco night on board. Overnight at Luxor.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Duration0 Days
Day 7

West Bank

Today, you will explore the West Bank. Lunch will be served on board at 1 PM. After lunch you will have a leisure time and afternoon tea will serve at 5:30pm. Dinner on board will be served at 8:00pm. After that you will surely enjoy the Disco at 10:00pm.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 8

Disembark Luxor

This morning Disembark from your hotel in Luxor after breakfast.

Meal Plan Breakfast

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12 Sep 2020
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