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Coober Pedy: The Painted Desert Tour

9 Hours
On request
  • Experience the Painted Desert on a Tour from Coober Pedy as part of your Australia Vacation

The Painted Desert is an area of spectacular colourful hills that Mother Nature has taken 80 million years to create. Sediments originally laid down by the ancient inland sea have eroded away over time. This erosion, combined with the leaching of minerals from the soil, create this magical area, whose colours change during the day, making it a photographer's delight. To get there, Desert Diversity Tours leaves the world famous opal mining town of Coober Pedy, past the last of the underground homes and through the Dingo Fence (the world's longest fence). Travel over an area that was once the ancient inland sea bed, but today is commonly known as the Moon Plains.

This area is a very important marine fossil bed that has become of great interest to palaeontologists since the recent discovery, by the operators of Desert Diversity Tours, of the partial backbone of a 5-6-meter-long Ichthyosaur (ancient marine reptile) which swam in the ancient sea 120 million years ago. See some of the vast cattle stations of the Outback, bush walk through the Painted Desert, and experience the beauty of Outback landscapes and waterholes. Learn about the Great Artesian Basin, the early explorers and the pastoral industry.
Morning and afternoon tea, as well as lunch are supplied.

Duration: 9 Hours

Departs: 7:45 a.m. - Returns: 5:30 p.m.

From: Coober Pedy

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