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Cusco: Unique Dining at Cicciolina Restaurant

2 Hours
On request
  • Dine at Cicciolina Restaurant on your Peru Tour
  • Enjoy tender beef tenderloin on your Peru Tour

Travelers from around the world come to Peru to explore the Andes Mountains and visit the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu near Cusco. Whether you have an adventurous trek planned or want to travel in luxury, dining at Cusco's first-class restaurants should not be missed. Located between the Andes and the nape of the clouds, Cusco offers an impressive selection of restaurants, bars, and eateries to suit everyone's budget. We choose only restaurants known for their high quality of food, service, and overall presentation and that give you a taste of the city's culinary fusion and traditions.

Nestled in a charming Cusco street corner, Cicciolina is located on the second floor of an old colonial home not too far from the city's central plaza. Don't let the Italian sounding name fool you. This restaurant merges Novo Andino (New Andean) dishes, Mediterranean flavors, and international cuisine that's served and enjoyed by Cusco locals and visitors. Cicciolina is decorated with dangling dried garlic and peppers, arched doorways, and a vaulted ceiling that gives the restaurant a Mediterranean-inspired ambiance. The open kitchen and inviting bar create a welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for spending time catching up with a friend over a glass of chianti and ordering a snack from the restaurant's Tapas Bar.

Cicciolina's bakery adds to its warm ambiance. The smell of freshly baked bread will lead you to a mouthwatering breakfast and a daily brew of coffee to kick-start your day.

Duration: 2 Hours

Departs: 7 p.m. - Returns: 9 p.m.

From: Cusco

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