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Tallinn: Private Food Tasting Tour

3 Hours
On request
  • A new generation of Estonian chefs is feeding a culinary revolution

Discover how Estonia's food, like its history, has been influenced by other cultures, leaving an indelible and, yes, quite tasty mark. What exactly is Estonian cuisine? It certainly has a Nordic twist but is often inspired by Russian and German kitchens. This private 'Tallinn Food Tour' offers you a glimpse into a surprisingly vivid culinary scene. Moreover, as you stroll around the historical cobblestone streets of Tallinn's UNESCO-listed Old Town, you might just discover the real soul of the city through its food while your guide adds more flavours with stories about the city today and historical tidbits from yesteryear. Your three-hour walk around the Old Town and the nearby Kalamaja quarter usually includes 6-7 food and drink stops that offer an introduction to the city's traditional and modern cuisine. Please be aware that while you are not going to be left with an empty stomach, don't think of the tour menu as the equivalent of a full 3-course meal. Food samples might include a traditional soup, maybe creamy pumpkin, and open-faced spiced sprat sandwiches. The Baltic Sea is full of sprats; served on fresh baked dark-rye bread with a boiled egg and a sauce, they are delicious. Kama is one of the most iconic Estonian foods and probably not found anywhere else in the world. It is used as an ingredient to make delicious Estonian desserts; however, locals also mix kama with buttermilk and serve it as a beverage for breakfast. You might want to try Kali, a mix between beer and cola with a natural fizz, but very low alcohol content. Estonia does, of course, offer some serious drinks too: local schnapps comes in many flavours, some made with genuine Estonian berries and rye spirit. There is lots more to see as you make your way around the medieval taverns, cafés, deli-shops, a typical Estonian restaurant, or a nearby market with smaller specialty shops and food concession stands. Be sure to remember that Estonia makes fabulous chocolate and marzipan. This is a wonderful tour for couples of all ages.

Duration: 3 Hours

From: Tallinn

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EXC TALDAYVHT0123: 6 27 Nov 2023
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