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  • Davids tower citadel in the old city of Jerusalem is always a popular site on a Israel vacation.
  • Float on by in the Dead Sea, famous for its high salt levels and unique ecosystem
  • Wander the streets of old Jaffa, the ancient port town that Tel Aviv grew from
  • Explore the cuisine, culture, and night life of Tel Aviv
  • Live on the edge while overlooking the Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert
  • Admire the Caesarea aqueduct, commissioned by Herod the Great to bring the nearby town fresh water

Israel is a small compact, a colourful country sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River packed with an amazing variety of attractions for the visitor on an Israel vacation. It is steeped in history, bursting with religious interest, has contemporary lifestyles and is an economically developed society. Geographically, it is made up of the coast, mountains, valleys and desert. Every tree you see was planted in a country where they did not naturally grow.

Jerusalem is a city with an immensely strong atmosphere. Home to three religions, it is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Old City completely surrounded by large walls is truly outstanding. It consists of four quarters, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian, each of which has its own character.

Other places one must visit on an Israel vacation are the Israel Museum with its Dead Sea Scrolls, Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum, Via Dolorosa, Temple of the Mount with the Western/Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock and the Garden of Gethsemane just to name a few.

Tel Aviv, a rapidly growing metropolis on the Mediterranean is a centre for good shopping, restaurants and nightlife with excellent beaches. A side trip to the old scenic port of Jaffa is well worthwhile on travel to Israel.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth which explains the density of the salt water which allows you to float on your back without effort. Nearby are two points of interest. The mountaintop fortress, Masada, stunning to see in its desert environment, was the last Jewish holdout before the Roman Empire dominated Israel. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is a small oasis in the desert.

In the north, Tiberias on Lake Galilee is an excellent place from which to visit the many Christian religious sites an Israel tour that exists here plus a cruise on the lake is a must. Not too far away is Nazareth. For relaxation, the resort of Eilat on the Red Sea is perfect with its coral reefs and golden sand.

There is so much more to discover in Israel and every minute there will be time well spent. Book one of our Israel tours and vacations today!


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