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  • The enchanting Sandstone landscapes of AlUla

A rocky oasis city northwest of Madinah that’s home to Saudi Arabia’s greatest ancient treasures. The surrounding region shows evidence of human habitation going back 200,000 years. Ancient kingdoms controlled the caravan trade routes from settlements built around the desert oases. Later development kept many of these settlements intact, making AlUla a remarkable spot for travellers seeking to unlock ancient history on a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Chief among AlUla’s landmarks is Hegra, the Nabataean settlement that was the civilization's largest city south of Petra. The comparisons to that Jordanian treasure are apt, as Hegra is similarly carved from the red sandstone cliffs, a city seemingly born from the earth. The central tombs and buildings are a marvel to behold. Nearby Old Town AlUla sheds further light on the civilizations that fortified the region leading into Islamic times.

The region’s wonders go beyond human creativity. Elephant Rock is likely the most famous natural monument in AlUla; sunset silhouetting transforms the rock arch into the likeness of an elephant standing against the desert twilight. Harrat Viewpoint offers exceptional views over the city of AlUla and surrounding desert from an ancient volcano, while Ashar Valley is a breathtaking series of canyons that is Saudi’s own answer to Wadi Rum.


AlUla, Saudi Arabia

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