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  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's largest city and capital
  • Diriyah was the home of the Saudi Royal Family and served as the capital until 1818
  • Riyadh is a major Saudi financial hub

Riyadh province is the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia and embodies the country’s blend of tradition and modernity. Derived from the Arabic word “rawdha”, in its plural form, Riyadh’s name translates to “the Gardens” and it is the country’s geopolitical, financial, and administrative centre. The 18th-century Al Masmak Palace stands in the middle of Riyadh as a symbol of the Saudis regaining power and rule of the city, after Ibn Saud heroically raided the palace in 1902. Saudi rule then expanded across Arabia before forming the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia in 1932.

Today, Riyadh is the largest and most populated city in Saudi Arabia and one of the wealthiest in the world with a thriving cultural scene. The city's architecture includes the 985 ft / 300 m tall Kingdom Centre, part of the city's modern and contemporary skyline, and a multitude of mud-brick buildings resembling those of pre-20th century Nejd, a former Saudi state. Those interested in Riyadh’s cultural and religious significance can visit over 4,000 mosques, the National Museum, and King Saud University, the oldest in the country.

The region surrounding Riyadh includes a wide array of cultural sites including the town of Diriyah, the Edge of the World, and Al Kharrarah National Park. Diriyah is the birthplace of the first Saudi state and a historical crossroads of traders and pilgrims. Travellers can discover Diriyah's history at the At-Turaif Living Museum, a restored 18th-century city of mud brick palaces, mosques, and defensive walls. The Edge of the World is a dramatic escarpment northwest of Riyadh with incredible, uninterrupted views of the horizon, 985 ft / 300 m above an ancient ocean bed. Escape the city and visit Al Kharrarah National Park, a beautiful natural site with green landscapes, rolling sand dunes, and a natural lake formed only through rainfall.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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