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On a Tunisia vacation, ozeur is both an oasis and a city found in the southwest of the country. It is a centre for desert tourism and is famous for its many palm trees and the production of dates which have been exported around the world.

The entire desert is about 11 square kilometres with Tozeur at its centre. It was once a Roman outpost and has been ruled by many tribes throughout its long history including the Berbers who have left a lasting impression. The town was also an important stopping point on the trans-Saharan caravan route offering a place to rest before heading further into the desert. When the French arrived, Tozeur resisted the colonial lifestyle and kept its unique architectural style which continues today.

Today Tozeur is considered the starting point of the Great Tunisian South because of its easy access to places like Nafta and Chott el-Jerid, the largest of Tunisia’s salt lakes. The best place on a Tunisia vacation to experience the architecture of Tozeur is in the old quarter which hosts the medina, a small maze of brickwork houses. The town and surrounding oasis may be recognizable amongst film buffs as it has served as a backdrop for many Star Wars films as well as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and The English Patient.

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Tozeur, Tunisia

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