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Arctic Bucket List Travel Ideas

  • Breathtaking Arctic Scenery

Why is the Arctic considered a top bucket list destination?

No other place on earth can compete with the Arctic for a place to be named a truly off-the-beaten-path and ultimate bucket list destination. A trip to the Arctic immerses travellers in a wildlife paradise. It is definitely a unique experience that many of us get to simply observe while watching the BBC or National Geographic. Chilly temperatures and remote landscapes take you as far from everyday life as possible. 

What are the top bucket list activities on an Arctic vacation?

Standing on the top of the world while visiting the North Pole is certainly the top bucket list activity while on an Arctic vacation. But, kayaking in the Arctic ocean or spotting a mother polar bear with her cubs is definitely not far behind. Of course, seeing the dance of the Northern lights is an experience that is probably and (rightfully so) on everyone’s bucket list. 

Bucket List Travel Ideas

  • Spitsbergen in Depth

    DELUXE | CRUISE: Embark on the voyage of a lifetime through the islands of Spitsbergen experiencing amazing Arctic scenery and wildlife while aboard a ship complete with local naturalist experts. This is an exploration of nature like no other.
    14 Days
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