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  • Palcho Monastery is the main monastery in Gyantse and is a great photo opportunity on our China tours.
  • Tibet farmers
  • Gyantse
  • Tibetan Buddhist monk in full ground prostration
  • Gyantse Fortress is one of the best preserved dzongs in Tibet

While in Tibet on a China vacation, Gyantze is the fourth largest city in Tibet. Almost 4000 metres above sea level, Gyantze sits on a fertile plain along the Friendship Highway, which connects Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa.

Strategically located on the ancient trading routes from the Chumbi Valley, Yatung, and Sikkim, Gyantze was once a major trading centre with India. In 1904, Gyantze became battleground for an attack from the British Army, under Colonel Frances Younghusband. The city’s fort, Gyantze Dzong, still in ruins, features a few exhibitions and an Anti-British Imperialists museum which had since been constructed on the site.

The Kumbum of the Palcho Monastery is a magnificent tiered structure, built in the 14th century and was an important centre for the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. Filled with Buddhist images and statues, the chorten was one of the few places to be spared during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

Life hasn’t changed much is Gyantze as residents still live quite traditionally as can be seen on tours to China. A walk in residential areas is met with cows, horses, and dogs. At least three different ethnic groups live in Gyantze – Tibetans, Muslims, and Han Chinese, each contributing to life in this rural and historic region.



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