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  • The Komodo Dragon - the worlds largest living species of lizard
  • The Komodo Dragon is also known as the Komodo monitor

Komodo Island is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Situated between Sumbawa to the west and Flores to the east, Komodo is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and forms part of Komodo National Park. Komodo Island is primarily known as a natural habitat for the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest living lizard. First discovered by the Dutch in 1910, Komodo dragons were listed as an endangered species in 1915. Other inhabitants of Komodo Island are descendants of former convicts who were exiled to the island.

Our Komodo Island Tours

A popular destination for diving, Komodo Island also features Pink Beach. Actually comprised of a blend of white and red sand, the beach is one of seven in the world where visitors can swim and snorkel. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park was established in 1980. Although best known for its conservation of Komodo dragons, the park features various fauna such as buffalo, civets, cockatoos, macaques, deer, wild horses, and boars, as well as a variety of marine wildlife. Featuring vibrant waters, unique animals, beautiful beaches, and unspoiled corals, Komodo Island has recently been listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It is sure to satisfy any adventure-seeking traveller. 

The Komodo Dragon

While these creatures may not breathe the fire of their namesake, they are very dangerous animals. Komodo dragons are, in essence, very large lizards, carnivorous reptiles which can be as long as 3 metres/10 feet in length, and weigh as much as 150 kilograms/330 pounds. In the wild, they can live up to 30 years. As carnivores, they eat large prey such as water buffalo, deer, pigs, and even human beings. There are only around 6000 total Komodo dragons left in existence. The place to view them is Komodo Island.  

When is the best time to visit Komodo Island?

The best time to visit Komodo National Park is between April and December during the dry season. The weather is not too hot with very little to no rain. The rainy season sometimes starts early in December. You can view the Komodo Dragon all year round.

What types of tours are available to Komodo Island?

One can add a visit to Komodo island from Bali. Goway offers a 3-day package which includes accommodation at resort hotels or a longer stay to enjoy both the dragons and a 6-day cruise around the local islands. 

Travel to Komodo Island

Getting to Komodo Island is relatively easy. You first need to travel to Bali and then to Labuan Bajo by either plane or boat and finally to Komodo Island by boat. A couple of local airlines fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island.




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Komodo Island

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