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Our Central and Colonial Mexico Tours 

The Spanish Colonial era lasted around 300 years between 1521 and 1821 after which Mexico became independent. During this period, many cities and towns in central Mexico took on the style of architecture and ambience of the Spanish influence which can be experienced today on Mexico vacations. Here are some of the major cities that preserve this colonial architecture while embodying a spirit that is purely Mexican. 

Central Mexico Vacation Highlights 

Best cities to visit in Central Mexico

San Miguel de Allende 

Of Mexico’s colonial cities, San Miguel de Allende is perhaps the best known to North Americans. One of a group of old silver mining cities, this cobblestone street-lined town developed a following among artists in the 1950s. Now, many expatriates have chosen to live here. Many local activities are based on arts and learning, painting, weaving, photography, and sculpture. Gathered around the Colonial centre are a number of fine examples of great Colonial architecture including the Parish Church which resides in front of the tree-lined main plaza.

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi is another old silver mining city and is one of Mexico’s highest cities as well as one of its most historically significant places. It has been the capital of Mexico twice during the country’s history. Like the other silver cities, San Luis Potosi’s wealth was derived from the silver mines in the area, allowing it to become the most developed of the silver cities. It has inherited a legacy of magnificent colonial buildings, art and public spaces reflecting this while on a Mexico vacation package.


Guanajuato is yet another old silver mining city, sitting in a valley about 350 kilometres/220 miles northwest of Mexico City. The town has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The architecture of this city was built with the enormous wealth generated from the silver mines. At that time, Guanajuato provided one-third of the world’s silver supply. Today, while on a Mexico vacation, you can see Guanajuato in its perfectly preserved splendour. It is like stepping back in time. Guanajuato’s cobbled streets twist and turn and people often get lost in this city’s genuine Spanish colonial look, style, and atmosphere. 


Perched on a steep hillside, Taxco was once a silver mining town and is now best known for its silver craft. This city has a very traditional Mexican feel with white stucco buildings with red roof tiles, winding cobbled streets, antique churches and sleepy little plazas. As a well-preserved Colonial town, Taxco is a treasure trove of valuable historical architecture. The El Templo Santa Prisca is an eighteenth-century baroque-style cathedral. Its rose-coloured twin towers dominate the main plaza. Taxco’s streets are a bustle of activity and they particularly come alive over the weekends. 


Situated between Taxco and Mexico City is Cuernavaca which can be visited on a day trip from Mexico City. But it is a good idea to find more time to get to know the city, which makes an easy addition to most central Mexico vacations. The principal colonial buildings and monuments in the historic centre include El Palacio de Cortes, Palacio de Gobierno, the Cathedral and Casa Maximiliano. Much of Cuernavaca’s colonial-era elegance and charm is hidden away from view. Behind some of the tall walls are beautiful gardens and residences owned by wealthy local families. Some of the colonial residences, dating back to the 15th century, have been converted into hotels, restaurants, spas and museums. A large community of foreign expatriates lives here due to the excellent climate. 

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City offers a historic colonial centre with cobbled streets, striking architecture, quiet plazas and a fine central square often filled with the sounds of local musicians serenading people as they rest under the shade of its trees and to those taking some time to enjoy fine coffee and quiet conversation at one of the cafés. Monte Alban, and Mitla, two of Mexico’s primary archaeological sites, are also close to Oaxaca, making them a favourite on Mexico vacations.

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