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  • Lake Louise, Alberta

Western Canada’s most postcard-perfect scenes can be found at Lake Louise, a turquoise gem nestled in the Canadian Rockies. No matter which way you arrive, the road into Lake Louise is considered one of the most scenic drives in the world. Snow-capped mountain peaks tower over the brilliantly-coloured lake, surrounded by thick pine forests where you could walk for days without seeing a single soul, minus any wildlife sightings of deer, moose, bears, and more.

The small hamlet of Lake Louise displays the full beauty of Banff National Park while maintaining an intimate atmosphere in its village-like streets. There is nothing that separates one from the mountain air and untamed wilderness that surrounds the lake, immersing you directly in Alberta’s natural charms.

Sitting on the sparkling shores of Lake Louise is the towering Fairmont Chateau, a symbol of luxury that looks every bit as majestic as its surroundings. Many hiking trailheads can be found here, including the famous Plain of Six Glaciers trail, which takes you to spectacular heights overlooking the mountains surrounding the lake, bringing you up close and personal with Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria, and the Victoria Glacier.

In the summer, glide out onto the lake’s surface by canoe as the sun rises over the valley, casting everything in a magical glow. In winter, skate across the lake’s frozen surface while playing a game of hockey, or snowshoe around the lake’s edge to take in the snowy wonderland from every angle.

Lake Louise, Canada

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