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  • Auyuittuq National Park is located on the Cumberland Peninsula of Baffin Island

As the largest territory in Canada, Nunavut is home to a different pace of life. Containing most of Canada’s Arctic archipelago, Nunavut locals travel across the land by planes, boats, and snowmobiles. These quick modes of transportation bring you across the snow-covered terrain towards new perspectives on stunning glaciers and vast stretches of the tundra.

Nunavut is strongly rooted in its indigenous Inuit culture, passing down its traditions through arts, crafts, and vibrant storytelling. Iqaluit, the territory’s capital and cultural hub, brings together many generations of Inuit artists, musicians, and filmmakers who share their work at lively festivals and celebrations in the warmer months, drawing visitors from across the North.

Nunavut is marked by its breathtaking natural worlds, featuring boreal forests, sculpted mountains, brilliant glaciers, and plenty of wildlife sightings. Whales, seals, and narwhals move freely throughout the waters of Sirmilik National Park. White Arctic foxes scurry across Quttinirpaaq National Park, the most northerly park in the country.

The granite cirques of Auyuittuq National Park will bring you an Arctic experience you’ve never dreamed of, hiking alongside roaring rapids and through meadows of wildflowers. Bundle up as you cross the Arctic circle by foot or via dogsled, an old tradition that was once central to the Inuit way of life. Kayaks were invented by the Inuit and used to hunt the waters, which are now great options to explore Nunavut’s icy bays and get up close to glaciers.

Nunavut, Canada

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