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Employment Frequently Asked Questions

Goway BBQ What are the long-term career opportunities?

We encourage personal development in our existing staff and believe in internal promotions as well as rewarding managerial behaviour.

What are the working hours?

Most people work 9 AM to 5 PM, or 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday, with some departments working 1pm-9pm shifts to cover time zone differences. From time to time you will be required to work on a Saturday. You will need dedication, commitment and passion to become a good seller. Hard work always pays off, and the more you are able to learn and sell, the more you will earn. Occasionally, you are required to work at after-hours travel presentations and consumer shows. These are great training and/or sales opportunities to meet prospective clients. We also recognize that a work/life balance is important and reward hard work by enjoying social events within the company.


Does Goway require previous personal travel experience, travel industry experience or travel industry qualifications?

We do not necessarily require previous travel industry experience or qualifications as we will provide you with full training. We want to know about your personal travel experiences, your passion for travel, and your proven sales capabilities. However, in certain roles, it will be advantageous to have industry related courses or experience.

What is involved in the initial training process?

Once you have been successfully hired, you will be immediately enrolled in our "Wizard/Expert" training program. Our philosophy is that "we train our staff to death", so expect to learn a lot as your development is crucial to our mutual success. After extensive product and systems training, you will be ready to start making sales.

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What are "Fam" trips? Do I get to travel while working here?

"Fam" Trips (Familiarization trips) are offered to staff members who have proven themselves and worked with us for a period of time. They are special opportunities for agents to personally experience the products they sell and are an important tool to help increase product and sales knowledge. Fam trips are also an opportunity to see some amazing destinations first hand! The duration and destination range according to the specific trip.

Are there opportunities to work overseas or transfer to other offices?

We have offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Sydney. You may have the ability to move after you have proven yourself. You could even work for some of our overseas suppliers and connections.

Can I apply online?

Yes! Please see our Employment Opportunities section for details.

Do you offer work experience or internship placements?

Goway offers work experience or internship placements only through colleges and universities.

How long do staff remain at your company?

We have many employees who have been with us over 20 years! We hope to have you for a long time. Your career will not stagnate in our environment.

I am here on a Working Holiday visa, will you sponsor me?

Yes, we have sponsored qualified employees in the past. We also sponsor visa extensions for valued employees.

What sort of salary package can I expect?

We are an industry leader in compensation. You can expect a comprehensive compensation package including base salary and competitive commission structure with limitless earning potential.

Does Goway Travel have a Benefits Program?

Following the successful completion of 3 months' employment, we offer health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family. In addition, our benefits plan offers access to health practitioners such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and B.C. medical fees.

Does Goway Travel have any additional benefits for employees?

Each year, Goway employees are granted up to six personal days (in addition to vacation days) to be used as either planned or unplanned absences, such as illnesses. Personal days are pro-rated in your first year of employment and are used to help employees achieve a work-life balance. 

What is involved in the recruitment process after the initial application is received?

Please see our Employment Opportunities page to be a Goway Travel Advisor for details.

Will I hear from Goway if I am unsuccessful at any stage of the recruitment process?

We will contact you if you are unsuccessful in the interview stage.

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