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Why Work at Goway

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Work At Goway - BuildingGoway Travel is a privately owned family business that has been growing for over 40 years. We value our staff; we are not subject to the restrictions and changes that occur in many foreign owned travel organizations; we are financially viable and employ strict financial controls to ensure customer, supplier and company funds are protected.

Top Salaries
We offer an excellent incentive package. Our basic package offers a base annual salary plus commissions and bonuses. If you are a seller and offer gold standard customer service, you can make an amazing income (our salaries are not capped). We have sales reservation staff earning in excess of $100,000 per annum… The opportunity is here! Check out our current Job Opportunities


Top Product to Sell
Imagine spending your days selling the South Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the World's most Idyllic Islands or Adventure travel. At Goway, we do not sell the "usual" travel packages and destinations. We sell exciting and unique products to exotic destinations. We are constantly developing new packages to add to our portfolio which makes for an evolving and very rewarding career with us.

Opportunities to Specialize
With our extensive product and variety of destinations you can specialize in, you gain knowledge and expertise most travel agents only dream of! You can qualify to become a Wizard of Oz, an Africa Expert, an Idyllic Islands Expert, an Asia Expert or an Adventure Specialist. Our ongoing training sessions and weekly quizzes help you be the best you can be.

Training Program & Educational Development
We provide continuous training in the destinations and product we specialize in, as well as training for other skills you will want to have to advance your career and earning ability. You will be trained to be an expert.

Advanced Training

Opportunities for Advancement
If you aspire to management you will be offered additional challenges of greater responsibility and have the opportunity to participate in our management training program. We encourage internal promotions.

Opportunities to Transfer and Travel
Within our total organization (over 200 employees), specialized departments, and multiple office locations (Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Sydney), you will have the ability to transfer after you have proven yourself. You could even work for some of our overseas suppliers and connections. We also do not object to you taking an extended "leave of absence" to pursue your travel dreams. We value the experiences that fuel your passion for travel and so will your clients.

Unrivalled Back-Up Support
You are not alone. To help you maximize your selling objectives and professional development, we have an unrivalled support structure in accounting, administration, ticketing, IT, graphics, and human resources. We want to help you stay focused on achieving your sales goals.

Advanced Technology
We have always been recognized for having quality and advanced technology, which is a major requirement in the ever-changing travel industry. To make our operations even better, we have recently invested millions of dollars in an amazing "next generation" reservation system and an equally amazing "next generation" phone system. These user-friendly systems are helping our staff to be even more efficient, offer higher service levels & make more sales!

A Fun Place to Work
We are known as the most fun place to work, with our day-to-day atmosphere as well as our regular (and spontaneous) events throughout the year. This can range from the annual holiday party, an office cricket match, a social potluck lunch with your department or "Fun Fridays". Each person is truly part of the team and our supportive atmosphere fosters that philosophy. We believe in "work hard and play hard."

Never Get Bored
The only constant in our business is change. Our business model is built on constantly bringing new product and destinations on board which will challenge your mind. One of our philosophies is to continually strive to be better. If you have this same attitude, you will never be bored in our fast paced, ever evolving company.

Our customers have high expectations of us.

We have high expectations of our staff.

If you understand this and have high expectations for yourself,
you will have a very rewarding career at Goway Travel.

Staff Testimonials

"I've never been happier in any workplace - I've found a great home here at Goway!

A family-owned/operated business where you really feel like part of the family. The office morale and dynamic is fantastic plus the training, management and processes are all top notch.

This is a company that wants their staff to succeed and pushes them to do just that."

Steve Perkins . Senior Asia Specialist, Goway Travel


"Goway not only offers a fun, friendly work environment, but also provides the opportunity for unlimited earning potential."

Aly Evraire . Team Lead, South Pacific Retail 


"The office works hard, but also plays hard – there is a great social environment at Goway. "

Meg Boyd, Product Manager, South Pacific 


"This is not just a company, this is a family. Goway is always supporting and understanding. No limits to what you can accomplish in this friendly and diverse environment!"

Alejandro Torres, Graphics Designer 


"I’m one of the home based agent specializing in the Idyllic Islands.
With two school age children & busy home life, I’m grateful for the opportunity and flexbility to work from home and continue to do what I love.
The management is very supportive and understanding."

Natalia Kovacs, Islands, Wholesale Homebased

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