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Bula Vinaka! I was born in the heart of the South Pacific, in beautiful, tropical Fiji. It is said that Fiji is home to the world's friendliest people, which I believe is true. The word 'Bula' is used as a universal welcome greeting, it also is an expression for wishing somoene good health, and is heard all throughout the islands. I worked in Fiji's tourism industry for twelve years before I moved to Canada and began working at Goway. I visit home as often as I can. Aside from Fiji, I have also travelled to other neighbouring islands in the South Pacific including the islands of Tahiti, Hawaii, the Cook Islands, Samoa, as well as Australia and New Zealand. I've also had the chance to visit some of Asia (India and Singapore). Next on my bucket list is the the Indian Ocean islands: the Maldives, Seychelles and/or Mauritius. I am very passionate about travel, and the Idyllic islands in which I specialize.

My favourite places

  • Fiji

    Idyllic Islands

    Fiji is home to 300 islands, but my favourite is the Yasawas. They are remote with no major towns, but still accessible by plane or small ship cruise, and have gorgeous white sand beaches, plus great snorkeling and sailing. I love the beautiful 5-star Yasawa Island Resort which offers 18 luxurious bungalows.

  • Cook Islands

    Idyllic Islands

    Aitutaki is a very small island in the Cook Islands, with a population of about 2000 people. It is very peaceful and relaxed. Even though this island is not very well known, I think the turqoise lagoon here is the most beautiful lagoon in the world. This is a south pacific paradise.

Did you know?

  • Fiji is an amazing place for a honeymoon but is also the best place for a South Pacific destination wedding.
  • For a unique adventure, you can visit Easter Island, Chile and Tahiti. There is only 1 flight, once a week.
  • To me, Aitutaki, Cook Islands, is the South Pacific's best secrtet. It is the world’s most beautiful Lagoon.
  • Fun fact: Vijay Singh, the pro golfer who has won 3 major championships is from Lautoka Fiji, my hometown.