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Presidents Message

Dear Globetrotters,

I often remind my staff that the most exciting thing about our industry is that it is constantly changing and consistently challenging.

Goway has been witness to five decades of these dramatic changes, from hand-written airline tickets and tele-fax bookings to the fast-paced dynamic booking world we live in today. We have adapted our business to these changes, investing heavily in both our people and our technology to keep pace.

I like to defy the status quo, and encourage the entire team at Goway to do the same, whether it is developing new product, or finding new and more efficient ways to do business. A favourite saying of mine is “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you can only expect the same result.” The reality is, if you don’t keep changing you can be left behind in this industry. This, I believe, is how we have continued to grow, and now anticipate accelerated growth with upcoming developments we have planned.

Today our travelers (those that we term “Globetrotters”) are seeking a more authentic experience, looking to lessen the environmental and social impact of their travels, while increasing their knowledge and appreciation of our wonderful world.

 "I am very proud to say that there are not many North American travel companies that have been in business since 1970 and even less that are still privately owned."

Goway has survived and evolved within our dynamic and ever changing industry thanks to an incredible team of staff. In the world of business they say “a company is only as good as its staff” and Goway is living proof of that statement. But I am also exceedingly grateful for the support of our many friends within this industry, including our supplier partners, airlines, and tourist boards, and of course the support of many travel agents in North America.

Bruce and the Australian flag on top of the company's H.Q. building in Toronto

When you travel with Goway, you become part of a special group of travellers about whom we care very much. Our customer promise is simple: to ensure that all of our travellers are so delighted with our services that they recommend us to their friends and use our services next time they go globetrotting.

If you have not yet travelled with Goway, I personally invite you to join this family of friends who have enjoyed our services over the years.



Founder &  President

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