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Guaranteed deposit at the time of booking. Sorry, but this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Insurance, which is strongly recommended, must be purchased at the time of deposit. The deposit is $300 per person for all destinations, except for Africa, which is $500 per person.

There may be certain tours and arrangements which will require a higher deposit. The exact amount will be advised at the time of booking. In addition to the deposit, we require full payment for the air portion in order to issue airline tickets and guarantee the fare. It is recommended that we receive a confirmation on land prior to issuing airline tickets.


A guaranteed balance of payment is required sixty (60) days prior to departure.

If the balance is not paid by the stipulated date, the right is reserved to cancel the booking(s) without further notice and without a refund of the deposit.


Cancellations received prior to final payment will incur a loss of a non-refundable deposit.

After the final balance is paid, the following cancellation schedule will apply:



Cancellation Penalties


Cancellation 0-59 days before departure:
100% cancellation fees
Asia, Downunder (South Pacific),
Islands, Central and South America, Europe, North America

0-30 days before departure: 100% cancellations
31-44 days before departure: 50% cancellation fees
45-60 days before departure: 25% cancellation fees


Other specific supplier and airline cancellation penalties may apply in addition to cancellation and amendment fees charged by Goway. There will be no refund for unused land arrangements. All cancellations are required in writing.

Please note that with cancellations due to COVID-19, some airlines provided airline credit in lieu of cancellation fees on air tickets. In some cases, the value of this airline credit may not equal the original amount paid, as where a change of destination is made some country-imposed taxes are not eligible for refund or credit. Any specifics will be advised at the time of rebooking.

Travel Protection with INSURANCE

Passengers may want to consider adequate travel protection with insurance coverage to help protect themselves against cancellation due to illness prior to or during travel. In the event of a traveller becoming ill during a tour, check with your travel agent as to what conditions and charges apply if you cancel your flight and/or land reservations.


We shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment, of any nature or kind whatsoever, resulting from events beyond our or a supplier’s reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts or other labour disputes or disruptions, wars, blockades, insurrections, riots, earthquakes, weather conditions, floods or acts or restraints imposed by government authorities.


Travel documents and tickets, joining and departure details, supplier addresses and phone contacts will be sent upon receipt of final payment.


A passport valid for three months beyond the date of travel is required for entry into all countries. Visas may be required for certain countries; please inquire for details. Please check with your agent at the time of booking if visas are still required for these or other countries. If you are not travelling on an American or Canadian passport, it is imperative that you also check visa requirements for all of the destinations you will be travelling to or transiting through.


Because of the volatility of exchange rates for many of the destinations Goway offers, we recommend you confirm our price at the time of booking. All prices are subject to change or surcharge. Once we have received your deposit you would be given the opportunity to pay in full to avoid a price increase (should it occur) or cancel your booking without penalty.


Once a booking has been made, any change is subject to a communications fee of $25 per change. Once documents have been issued, any change will be subject to a minimum administration fee of $50 in addition to communications charges.


With all the great travel ideas we offer, it should be easy for you to choose a long holiday. If however you are not tempted to purchase a minimum of 7 days we regret we must charge you a booking fee of $50 per person. This will be added to your bill unless Goway issues your international air ticket.


Goway Travel Ltd. and/or its agents, act only as agents for the client in all matters pertaining to travel. They assume no responsibility nor liability in connection with the service of any train, vessel, carriage, aircraft, motor or other conveyances which may be used, either wholly or in part, in the performance of its duty to the passenger; neither will it be responsible for any act, error, or omission, or any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of any defect in any vehicle or through the neglect or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger; or for any hotel proprietor, or hotel service, or for any other person engaged in carrying out the purpose for which tickets or coupons are issued. In the event that it becomes necessary or advisable for the comfort or well-being of the passengers, or for any reason whatsoever, to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made without penalty to the operators. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the passengers, conversely refund will be made to the passengers if any saving is effected thereby. The Airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event, during the time passengers are not on board their planes or conveyance. The passage contract in use by the Airlines concerned, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the Airlines and the purchaser of these tours and/or passengers. The right is reserved to withdraw any or all tours should conditions warrant, and also to decline to accept or retain any passengers as members of the tours. Goway Travel Ltd. or its agent can assume no responsibility for lost tickets or coupons.

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