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I am a Travel Professional with over 20 years experience in the Travel Industry. I am multi-lingual and speak fluent German and French in addition to English. Almost ten years of my career was spent in Germany with frequent visits to our branch offices in Paris, France, and London, UK. During this period I was able to explore most of the European destinations which enabled me to be thoroughly conversant with this fascinating region with many contrasting features.

My favourite places

  • Germany


    After spending ten years in Germany working in the travel industry, I have explored all areas of the country. My favourite area is Bavaria.

  • Sri Lanka


    My home country is dear and near to my heart. It's an under-rated destination and offers many UNESCO protected sites, great beaches and an abundance of wildlife.

  • India


    Asia is a region which harbors an unparalleled diversity of cultures, natural wonders, customs, and traditions. I am especially fascinated by destinations such as India, China, Thailand, and the journeys of discovery and adventure they can conjure up for you!

Did you know?

  • With 81 million people, Germany has the largest population in the European Union.
  • Berlin is nine times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice!
  • The population of Germany is in decline. It has fallen by two million in the last decade.