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I was born in Xian, China and studied English Language and Culture in University. I worked for many years in a Travel Agency, arranging custom trips within China. I moved to Canada in 2003 to attend University and obtained a degree in Tourism Studies. Since 2006, I have worked at Goway arranging custom experiences to Asia and the South Pacific. I’ve travelled to most destinations in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. I’ve also spent time in Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and am a keen sportsman. My favourite travel memory would be my trip to New Zealand because of the breathtaking scenery, and the lack of crowds—coming from China, I’m not used to seeing so few people! I enjoy arranging travel, as I get to know my clients and like to hear about their favourite trips, hotels, and experiences so that I can match them up with the perfect custom journey. I often become friends with my clients, as we spend a lot of time together planning their trip to make sure it is perfect. I also pride myself on my high levels of customer service.

My favourite places

  • India


    Three places in India have left me with an unforgettable impression: Khajuraho for the best sculptures in the world and being the best place to learn the history and culture of India. Agra for its Taj Mahal, which is the icon of India that nobody wants to miss. And Varanasi, where watching the Aarti Ceremony by the Ganges River was simply the most sacred thing I have ever done.

  • Thailand


    If you are looking for a country that can offer you all you want for an affordable yet still enjoyable vacation, then you have to head to Thailand. I indulged myself on a beach stay in Phuket, treating myself to the most delicious foods in the world and making friends with amiable Thai people. Its beaches are simply breathtaking. You can never find a more relaxing or reasonably priced country than Thailand.

  • Vietnam


    Vietnam should be on the top of everyone’s travel list. With its friendly people, splendid history and culture, and dramatic landscapes, you will never want to return home from Vietnam. I love the Mekong Delta for its real taste of rural life in the country. I love Halong Bay for its over 1,600 beautiful islands. I love Hoi An since it is the only place where you can find a stunning little temple built over a bridge, and it is for sure one of the best world heritage sites.

  • New Zealand

    Australia & South Pacific

    Before visiting New Zealand, I thought there were kiwi birds everywhere in the country. After seeing one with my own eyes, I fell in love with this cute little thing. In Rotorua I saw the boiling hot, bubbling mud pools which you cannot find anywhere else. I also always remember the glowworms, thousands of them, in Waitomo Cave and thinking they must be coming from another world. Finally, having a four-course dinner in Westhaven Marina in Auckland is a memory you will never forget.

Did you know?

  • Chose the right season for any destination.
  • Pack some small gifts which you can send to local guides or your newly-made friends or friendly hotel staff.
  • Get off the beaten track and don't always follow the crowds.
  • Always carry some cash with you no matter which country you are travelling to.