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Born in Toronto to old-fashioned immigrant parents, the importance of family and caring for others was instilled in me at a young age. Though I always dreamed of visiting far off places, I always thought they were out of my reach. As I got older, I began taking trips by myself to my dream destinations, making my travel dreams a reality. I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History, followed by a college diploma in Child & Youth Work, with the intention of changing the world, one marginalized youth at a time. I worked for several years in social work, and though I loved the work I was doing, I felt something was missing. That's when I realized that I could find real happiness in making a career out of helping others realize their travel dreams. So now I'm helping others see how beautiful this world is and changing the world one travel dream at a time.

My favourite places

  • Galapagos Islands

    Latin America

    Charles Darwin developed his Theory of Evolution in this unique volcanic archipelago when he saw how the different animals all interacted with one another without fear, due to the lack of natural predators on the islands. Visit this incredible place for unique, face-to-face animal experiences.

  • Lopes Mendes Beach

    Latin America

    After a 20-minute trek through the jungle, the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of Lopes Mendes Beach are a welcome sight. Often voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, this beach, located on Ilha Grande in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is a paradise for both surfers and sunbathers alike.

  • Valparaiso

    Latin America

    This beautiful, colourful port city on Chile's coast has lovely and dilapitated architecture, cliffside homes on steep and winding roads, and artistic graffiti on old buildings. It is also home to one of Pablo Neruda's homes, La Sebastiana, which is now a museum. Grab an empanada and go explore.

Did you know?

  • When looking at Machu Picchu, tilt your head to the right and you'll notice the mountain looks like a face.
  • When packing, use mesh laundry bags to separate types of garments. It helps to find specific items quickly.
  • Penguins and polar bears have never met in the wild, as they live on opposite ends of the Earth's poles.
  • If you're looking for good food, wander off the main roads, follow your nose, and go where the locals are.