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Canadian born, and raised to Wander! I have spent my life exploring the world, finding my paradise in the South Pacific. I lived in the Cook Islands. I have swam with Whale Sharks, had incredible dives throughout the South Pacific and Caribbean, sailing experiences, and more. I have cuddled a Koala, fed a dolphin by hand. I rode a camel at Uluru and had tea with a Bedouin and his goats outside Petra. I've done wine tasting in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, been stuck in a sheep traffic jam, watched the changing of the guard in London, woken to the roar of a lion in Kenya and so much more. My love of art, history, photography and all things culinary enhance my travels. I have cruised, traveled by train, self-driven, and been on escorted tours. I love to get lost in new places. Amazing things happen when you mix with local people. I help my passengers create the trips that they dream of.

My favourite places

  • Cook Islands

    Australia & the South Pacific

    My home away from home. The people are amazing, and the beaches incredible. On a crowded day, you might see ten people on the beach. Surrounded by an outer reef, the ocean is like a warm bath, with no currents to worry about. Visit a local church service to hear the harmonies, and see the amazing hats the women wear.

  • Kenya

    Africa & the Middle East

    The animals and birds….Being able to be right next to them, with no traffic jams on safari! Stunning lodges and tented camps. Go in the spring for baby season. Imagine a family of cheetahs sitting on your land rover!

  • Ta'haa

    Australia & the South Pacific

    My favourite in French Polynesia! Watching Tahitian TV in your overwater bungalow. The smell of vanilla from Raiatea, mingled with seawater is amazing. You fly into Raiatea, your adventure begins with a boat transfer to Ta'haa. There are excursions to visit the plantations and amazing snorkeling and hiking that can be found in the area.

  • Rome, Italy

    UK & Europe

    The Borghese Gallery? Stunning! Wander into the hundreds of churches in the historical area, see works by some of the best, including Caravaggio, Raphael, Bernini, and Carracci. Rome is also a great spot for numerous day trips if you have limited time in the area. Cooking classes are fun and enjoying a gelato near Trevi Fountain is a must.

Did you know?

  • Book the same chain island hopping, you can save money this way. Food credits or discounted rates can apply.
  • Try to have your airlines tickets as much as possible on one ticket, to avoid misconnections of the airline.
  • A lot of places in the world do not supply face cloths, you can take them with you. Taking ziplock bags works.
  • Take a power source for your phone and an extra battery for cameras this way you will not run out of power.