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I've been travelling since before I can remember and 15 years ago I turned my passion for exploration into a career. I started in the travel industry in 2007, and I’ve been helping my clients explore the world, their way, ever since. My biggest passions are nature and wildlife so I knew I had to go to Africa. The first time I set foot on the continent (in Egypt) I knew instantly that I would return. I've been fortunate to return to Africa many times since in addition to my other travels across six continents. Born and raised in Canada, I’ve lived on three continents, including nearly seven years in Australia (another passion of mine) but none match the magic that is Africa. There is truly nothing like seeing an animal in its natural habitat, whether for the first on fiftieth time and nothing on earth will ever beat an African sunset.

My favourite places

  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

    Easily one of the most beautiful places in Africa. Any visit to this area should include the Falls from both sides, and, if possible, from above to truly understand their scale as one of the world's widest waterfalls. These falls can quite literally take your breath away with many of their adventure activities.

  • Volcano National Park (Parc National des Volcans), Rwanda

    There is nothing like coming face to face with one of our closest genetic relatives in the wild. With just over 1000 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild, their population is starting to grow again, aided by recent conservation efforts. Mountain gorillas are only found in this part of Africa.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

    There's something for everyone in Cape Town, from world-class shopping and dining to delicious wines only a short drive away and Robbin Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. The Cape region is also one of few places in Africa to see penguins and great white sharks. Cape Town has it all!

  • Australia

    All of it! From the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the European vibes and penguins of Victoria, the otherworldly landscapes of Western Australia, and the world's biggest rock, the sacred monument to the Aboriginal people that is Uluru. This entire country is magnificent.

Did you know?

  • Gorilla and chimp safaris require permits and they're limited. Book early to avoid disappointment!
  • Kruger National Park is roughly the size of Israel, twice the size of Puerto Rico, and almost as big as Belgium.
  • No matter where you're headed, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return.
  • Almost 2000 languages are spoken across Africa, but English is also widely spoken in most tourist regions.