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Born in Australia and raised in Canada and Papua New Guinea, Don took his first solo trip to Bali at the age of 13. Since then, Don’s travels have taken him to every continent. He’s been a backpacker in Asia, Europe, and Egypt, an overland adventurer in east and southern Africa, and an overland driver in South and Central America. He is especially fond of Peru, Patagonia, and Namibia, although his longest adventure to date has been a London to Kathmandu run via the Middle East.

My favourite places

  • The Galapagos

    Central & South America

    I've had the privilege of visiting the Galapagos Islands numerous times and every visit has been memorable. My most recent trip was especially great as I saw the joy, wonder, and excitement in the eyes of my children as they sat mere metres from seals, blue-footed boobies, and albatross.

  • Machu Picchu

    Central & South America

    As an ex travel guide, I have walked the Inca Trail over 30 times—the last time in March with my kids—and visited the ruins of Machu Picchu more times than I can count. No matter how many times I go back, it remains as magical as the first time I saw it.

  • Stockholm

    UK Europe

    When I had the chance to visit Sweden, I was blown away by the culture, history, modern and progressive thinking and politics. But what really stunned me was something unexpected: the Vasa Museum. It was probably the best museum I have ever been to.

Did you know?

  • Never travel to Disney World in April because of the crowds.
  • Guinea pig is a staple meal for the Andean locals in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.
  • Latin America is home to the Amazon Jungle and River, Iguassu Falls, Patagonia, the Galapagos, Machu Picchu, the Pantanal, the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, and the world's biggest annual party, Carnival.