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Besides specializing in romantic travel, I also enjoy adventure including (but certainly not limited to) safaris in Africa, visiting temples on mountains in Asia, trying food and absorbing local culture, and diving in vibrant coral reefs such as the ones around Raja Ampat. And I cannot forget about the kids; travel is a fantastic form of education and a great way for families to bond. As a relatively new parent, I am learning about this latter point more and more each year.

My favourite places

  • French Polynesia

    Idyllic Islands

    My wife and I were married on a beach in Bora Bora so I will always have a kinship with this destination. I truly believe that there is no place on Earth that is as romantic, which of course makes it the ultimate destination for a honeymoon.

  • Japan


    I've had the privilege of living in this country. An amazing destination that offers so much in terms of things to see and do. It has busy cosmopolitan cities with tranquil Shinto and Buddhist temples, spectacular countryside with rice fields and mountains, delicious food, vibrant culture, high service standards, and the friendliest people in the world.

  • Thailand


    Thailand has so much to offer: eclectic cities, a vibrant culture, spectacular beaches fringed with majestic cliffs, and some of the most delicious food. Also, it's a great destination for luxury travel at a relatively low cost.

  • Australia

    Australia & South Pacific

    Australia has almost year-round warm, sunny weather, vast, unique landscapes, laid back lifestyle, and many family-friendly things to see and do. It makes a great first time overseas longhaul destination for Canadians and Americans.

Did you know?

  • Booking early (very early) is the best way to get the best possible pricing for travel to French Polynesia (Tahiti).
  • Japan is not as expensive as is often the reputation. Exploring neighbourhoods and hole in the wall restaurants are great ways to save on local costs and try delicious Japanese cuisine.
  • Stopovers are a great way to get two trips for the price of one.