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I have been in travel almost from the day I was born. My dad worked in the industry and on Saturday mornings, I would go to the office with him and stamp brochures. From these initial steps I was caught and the travel bug got me! Fast forward to leaving school and a natural career choice, and no surprise that my first boss was my dad, who made sure I continued learning from the basics up. After a few years I went my own way and moved on to corporate travel where I worked an in-house travel department for one of the high street chains. I then decided I wanted to make my home a little further away, and so immigrated to Canada. When I arrived it felt like “starting again” after 14 years, as I “relearned” new destinations. The best thing about working in this industry is that you never know everything, and no matter how long you have worked in the industry you continue to learn new things.

My favourite places

  • Australia

    Australia & South Pacific

    A country I love to visit. With its size and diversity, Australia has so much to see and do - the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Melbourne, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, wineries, nature, sports, history and culture to name just a few places and themes... Just don't try and do it all in one go if your time is limited.

  • United Kingdom


    Being from here originally, I now look at it when I return through very different eyes, as a visitor! Not only do you have the history, but the countryside and small villages and local pubs. It is something you take for granted when you are born there, but I now see it as something not to be missed when visiting.

  • South Africa

    Africa & Middle East

    A country that I was lucky to recently visit. The game drives are everything you can imagine and more. But there is so much more than this, the history is eye opening and thought provoking and not to be missed. As I missed one of thhe biig five, I am looking forward to a return visit one day

  • Fiji

    Idyllic Islands

    This is the destination I go to unwind and relax, it is somewhere to take your watch off, sit back, and enjoy. The people are wonderful and some of the most hospitable you can find anywhere, and if you really want to get them talking, get them talking on one of their passions...Rugby Union.

Did you know?

  • In the UK it is legal to take kids in to pubs - great places for lunch and dinner and to meet the locals
  • Check with your bank before leaving for the best bank to use your ATM card at. It can save you some fees
  • Keep your prescription medicines in original packaging. Don't put them in smaller unlabelled containers
  • It is not legal to hold a Koala everywhere in Australia. For example you can't in Sydney, but can in Cairns